The five pointed star represents spirit, earth, air, fire, and water. We use it to represent the elements that contribute to our brigade.


We secure expert market intelligence to get a deep understanding of the immediate situation and anticipate what lies ahead; we create sound strategies and tactics; we craft unique and gorgeous creative; and we execute flawlessly in rapid succession to overwhelm the competition in the marketplace.


We are fair and impartial; reward should reflect the impact we generate, both individually and as a company.


Our zeal for our work and our partners shows in every assignment. We are galvanized by making meaningful strategies and creative that opens eyes, blow minds, and fills hearts with the possibilities of your brand.


The eagle is the symbol of strength, courage, farsightedness.

We are an elite unit of ad experts, marketing pros, and military veterans working in unison to introduce new brands to the world and breathe new life into existing companies.

Driven by a passion for learning, we strive to stay on top of the latest trends and techniques, while advancing our technical skill and creative thinking.

Ayni Brigade places team above self. We work as a cohesive unit to tackle intellectual challenges and solve critical problems. What’s good for the group is good for the individual, and we all rise together. Our colleagues and our clients have our full focus and total support. There is no greater goal than earning their respect and confidence.

We are meticulous planners, clear communicators, and determined agents of action. We exercise initiative, and we refuse to compromise our integrity.

Our office is filled with dogs, guitars, comedians, coffee, and liquor. A fun work environment and a healthy work-life balance are essential to happiness and creativity, so we enable our colleagues to fulfill both life and work goals.

We not only enjoy what we do, we’re energized by it.

We are proud of our company, our mission, and our team members.

We bleed brands and sweat slogans.

We demand excellence in all we do.

We recognize a job well done and take time to celebrate before diving back in.

We are leaders of people.

We are Ayni Brigade.



We give our clients and coworkers our maximum support. Their problems are our challenges, and their victory is our ultimate goal.


We look beyond the capabilities of any one person or one company to leverage the world’s most inventive ideas, insights, and technologies for our clients.


Integrity is key to our operation; our unwavering directive is to always “do the right thing.”

DARE TO excel

We embrace bold thinking and we thrive on big ideas. We buck tradition for tradition’s-sake, seize strange, new ways of thinking, and never shy away from informed, well-calculated risk.

The Ayni Brigade Creed
The values which make up our code of conduct.


Helping people and brands realize their potential by maximizing the integrity of military veterans to create inspired brand experiences.

We proudly support three organizations that share our vision of helping military veterans live a better and more integrated life:


Tackling problems that can prevent veterans from fulfilling their dreams for the next chapter of their lives by finding and funding innovative programs in communities where veterans, their families, and caregivers live and work.


Recognizing the responsibility of communities to help those who serve, Clear Path for Veterans empowers active service members, Veterans, Guard, Reserves and their families through supportive programs and services in a safe, respectful environment.


Helping to develop future leaders by focusing on character-building and leadership through a variety of local training opportunities, weekend courses, community service, and specialized schools and camps.

The values which make up our code of conduct.